Love Potion - Gin Making Kit

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Make your own Love Potion Gin!

This gin kit makes a compound gin where the botanicals are infused into alcohol.  Unlike commercially available gin, it is not then distilled to refine its clarity, but on the contrast, you can make it unique to just how you like to drink it!

The method in this kit makes it possible to recreate and, more excitingly, manipulate the character of your gin.  You will understand more about the flavours different botanicals impart and create your own blend in under 24 hours.  Perfect for a DIY G&T.  

This makes a fab gift for someone you know that loves gin or perhaps even your other half if you want to enjoy making your own together!

Contents of the Kit:

  • Bottle and Label
  • Filter Papers
  • Funnel
  • Sieve
  • Two Gin Etc botanical blends complete with juniper berries
  • Two Gin Etc botanical sachets for colouring your gin
  • Cocktail stirring stick