Our Story

Currently sitting around the kitchen table with four little people, causing chaos as they do, while we find snippets of time to create something amazing, following a passion that we both have – for people and products, and with a drive that bring them together in a way that is simple and fun for anyone who comes across it.  We both find ourselves after 20 years of friendship, living in the same town, Reigate, with the backdrop of the Surrey hills and the strong sense of community, which we just love.  As we get a bit older and have jumped into that life changing role as mum, priorities have changed but we have both always enjoyed working and love having our own businesses.  Often as a mum there are moments where it feels a struggle to connect with the identity that was, and in some moments still is you without a small child attached, following a passion totally reminds you of you!  Especially when having a “business meeting” in the local wine shop!  (Thank you The Vine King!)  

While we build our online profile we are keen to collaborate with local businesses to really build our local customer base and meet our customers in person.  The combination of people and products are the cornerstone of our business.  While we’d love for you to buy from us, we see this as much more than that and we want to inspire you and share products we’ve found that we hope you love as we do!  

Ash comes with a background full of travel – a career she has loved for many years that keeps creating amazing memories, with lots more in the pipeline!  Also with a keen eye for product, she is an amazing gift giver, it’s always something thoughtful with great taste!  Mia built a career where they met – in retail!  Developing her love of sourcing products and travelling to find new and interesting brands as a Buyer for a department store.  She loves a holiday and since changing paths and becoming cabin crew there are lots more of these on the horizon!  We can’t wait to meet you, in person we hope, but in the meantime enjoy browsing and get in contact for anything you need - nothing is too little!